Customized Industrial Sockets

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IP44 Splash Ce 3p+E 380V 32A 6h Industrial Plug Socket
1.PC plugs, sockets and couplings are constructed for extreme operating conditions.
They are of easy installation, long life and high reliability. They are widely used in industry field.
2.The cases and inlets are made of high-grade plastic nylon 66. The material has extremely good insulation ability and it is unbreakable, wearable long-time durable up to +120°C, resistant against oil, gasoline and salt water, almost non-aging,extremely cold-proof and splash-proof.
3. All units not only fit with the same system but also are fully compatible with units
of the same system of other manufacturers, through groove and tongue, joint for same polarity, and then it is installed easily through movable cable clamp,used securely and reliably.
Confly International has been specialized in manufacturing and marketing ip44 splash ce 3p+e 380v 32a 6h industrial plug socket for over 15 years which is now known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers. Offering customized service, we warmly welcome you to wholesale quality equipment from our factory.Customized Industrial Sockets

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