China Hot Air Vulcanization Oven

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Our History
Founded in 2005, specializing in rubber and plastic insulation materials, equipment and machinery research and development, manufacturing. All the equipment molds manufactured by our company are developed and manufactured according to the prototype of Italian imported equipment, the equipment part of which is already leading the domestic industry, and every year we invest in the research and transformation of new equipment.
Our Factory
Guangzhou Huineng Machinery equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, registered capital of five hundred thousand yuan, more than 10 employees, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, a professional production of vulcanization furnace company. This product is mainly used in the production of thermal insulation materials. At this stage, the company can be used as vulcanization furnace, cutting table, die, extruder, printing machine, thermostat, calender and other equipment. Excellent employees, advanced technology, as far as possible equipment, humanized management enable the company to continue to develop, products can win users rely on the fundamental. "accurate, reliable, professional" is our spirit of production and service belief.
Our Product
Vulcanization oven (oven), printing equipment, 3-hole mold, 4-hole mold, 6-hole mold, 9-hole mold, 12-hole mold, 14-hole mold, sheet metal mold, tube die, sheet cutting equipment, tube cutting equipment, extruder, thermostat, Calende

Our Certificate
8 patents for new types of practical applications (patents for curing furnaces and rubber-plastic production equipment, plastic pipe dies and moulds, etc.) and 5 patents for external design (patents for appearance designs, such as tube cutting tables, pipe forming molds, etc.), Invention patent certificate 1 (a sheet metal forming die).
Production Equipment
Laser cutting Machine, Lathe, Gantry Milling, Milling Machine, Shearing Machine, bending Machine, Welding Machine, Line Crane, etc.
Production Market
Guangdong, Wuhan, Hebei, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, are our domestic business markets.
Vietnam, Malaysia, is our foreign business market. China Hot Air Vulcanization Oven

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