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Product Introduction:
The Disposable three layer protective mask is divided into three layers, the inner layer is stick hydrophilic polypropylene non-woven fabric (moisture), the outer layer is made waterproof processing of non-woven fabric, mainly used for barrier droplets, in the middle of the filter layer is treated in a polypropylene melt-blown fabric, did not do in a processing of melt-blown fabric without adsorption ability of bacteria, only droplet barrier effect, but there is no charge between adsorption force, at the time of breathing, bacteria with differential pressure into the body, the protective effect. If the inside and outside wear is opposite, the effect that insulates virus will be reduced greatly.
ColorBlue/ White
UsageDaily life protection
Material25g non-woven fabric+25g Meltblown+25g non-woven fabric
StandardGB / T 32610-2016
Moq5000 PCS
Function of the product
What does a little mask do? It protects us from droplet transmission and protects us from the virus. Disposable Three Layer Protective Mask is an important line of defense against respiratory infectious diseases.
Specification for mask use
(1) Wear a mask correctly
Wash: Wash your hands
Hanging: Metal bar facing up, light color face inside, hanging on both ears
Pull: Pull out the folds to cover the mouth, nose and chin.
Press: Press the metal strip so that the mask is close to the face.
(2) Post-use treatment
Masks used by healthy people can be disposed according to the requirements of household waste classification.Masks worn by patients should be treated as medical waste.
(3) Mask replacement
The use time of disposable masks is 4-6 hours.If used for a long time, the large particles will be blocked on the mask surface or the ultrafine particles will block the pores of the mask filter material, resulting in the decrease of filtration efficiency and the increase of respiratory resistance.
Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a mask products manufacturer, we are a factory in China.
Q: Can I place an order now?
A: Yes, you can. Our production has not stopped.
Q: What is your starting order and price?
A: The initial order is 5000 pieces
Q: What is your payment term?
A: 30% before production and 70% before shipping delivery.
Q: What is your production capacity? When do you start to produce my order?
A: We can produce 0.1 million masks a day.China Face Mask

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