Bamboo Unbleached Jumbo Toilet Paper

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鈼?/strong> Product Description
We provide tissue paper with excellent quality, it is hypoallergenic and non-irritating without any harmful chemicals. This jumbo toilet paper retains the bamboo color and odor, it is flexible by a scientific combination of long and short fibers, no paper scrap come off while using.
鈼?/strong> Specification
NameBamboo Jumbo Toilet Paper
MaterialBamboo Pulp
Size94*110 mm
Layer2 ply
Weight650 g
Density15 gsm
Package6 rolls/carton
CustomizationSize, Layer, Package, Private label
鈼?/strong> Features
Tree free: we think use bamboo pulp paper is a smart way to protect our environment. Our jumbo toilet paper made from bamboo pulp, help bring about a more sustainable future.
Durable and economical: the jumbo roll is durable with high quality bamboo fibers, one sheet is enough to keep you clean.
All dispensers are available: suitable for all standard size dispensers, our unbleached jumbo paper towel sells pretty well in high-traffic places.
鈼?/strong> Detail
Reliable raw material: some recycled paper contain BPA, while our bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo pulp.
Unbleached: natural bamboo color, not add any dyes, gentle care for your butts.
鈼?/strong> Application
It is very suitable for high-traffic places, just like a subway station, bus terminal, train depot, airport, etc.
Bamboo jumbo toilet paper is widely used in educational institutions, gymnasiums, restaurants, hospitals, companies, etc.
鈼?/strong> Advantage
Located in Chengdu Sichuan, Chengdu Eliseon Daily Necessities Co., Ltd turns rich bamboo resources to its advantage.
We have 6000+ tons鈥?monthly production capacity with advanced machines and automatic production lines. Keeping pace with modern technology and adding state-of-the-art machinery.
鈼?/strong> Factory
鈼?/strong> FAQ
Q1:How do recycled paper harm human health?
Some tissues made from recycled paper which contain BPA (Bisphenol A), BPA is absorbed through the skin when we handle them. BPA can cause endocrine disorders, threaten the health of fetuses and children, and may lead to precocious puberty. Obesity caused by cancer and metabolic disorders is also related to this.
Q2:Where鈥檚 your main market?
We produce bamboo tissue in hometown of panda- Sichuan, China, sale our products all over the world - such as the US, UK, Canada, Uruguay, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Estonia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea.
Q3:Which transport way do you support?
We support a wide range of transportation by sea/ air/ train through DHL, UPS, Fed Express, TNT, EMS, etc.Bamboo Unbleached Jumbo Toilet Paper

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